Commission - Conjure-Lass

Drawing my science babies on a date? How could I resist?

I put them in silly out-of-work date clothes, since I see them getting caught up in conversing about science that they’d forget to, you know, actually leave for their date. 

Oh well, debates by the light of bunsen burners are just as romantic~

My goal for this was to show them being intimately close to one another without it being obviously romantic at first glance.

Hope you like it, hun! 


I drew this thing for this lovely lady and she is an amazing artist and is incidentally OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS RIGHT NOW

(These cute people are characters from a comic I hope she does end up drawing. The freckled young gentleman is a violinist and the sharp-eyed young lady has a mysterious connection to the sea, and they should kiss.)

I don’t normally post other people’s art on my art tumblr, but I can’t NOT pimp my lovely friend’s work, especially when it’s fanart of my two original characters! 

Sketch Commissions - OPEN


Hey guys! I’m opening up commission slots for a brief time to earn a bit of money for upcoming conventions and mold my illustration style. Signal boosts are greatly appreciated!!

  • single character (offers for couples considered)
  • fanart or original (references please!)
  • payments through paypal only
  • please send your request through my ask box, or to emahlena [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line “Commission" and your tumblr username.  

Pencil Sketch w/ Shading - $10



Pencil Sketch w/ Digital B&W or Monochrome - $15


Thank you so much for all the support!

Reposting for signal boost. I’m in need of convention funds, trying to get some Artist Alley booths!